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Pro features without Google services

You came here because you installed the FairEmail app from somewhere else than the Play store.

The current pro features are:

You can get all the current and future pro features without Google services by donating € 5.55 or more. The minimum donation amount will allow for activating the pro features on two devices. See below for the donation options. If you donate with PayPal, you'll receive the activation instructions automatically, else you can contact me here. Note that Google's rules forbid me to exchange a Play store purchase for an activation of the pro features outside of the Play store.

If you already donated, you can request for the activation of the pro features by clicking on the button below.


The minimum donation is € 5.55.
Please see this FAQ if you think that is too much.

With PayPal or a credit card:

With a bank transfer:

Bank: ASN Bank
IBAN: NL56 ASNB 0707 3109 62
Name: M. Bokhorst
Place: Dordrecht, the Netherlands
Subject: FairEmail

With Bitcoin (BTC)


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Privacy policy

Privacy is my policy: I will not, under any circumstances whatsoever, give out or sell privacy sensitive information to anyone, unless required by law.
Information about donations, like name, e-mail address, amount, currency and transaction number, will be securely stored for tax return purposes for 7 years.

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